Thursday, October 8, 2020

For the record: The feeling is mutual: Mutual Ghosting

I made this video in August in response to an ex friend (Toxic possibly Narcissistic) from 12 years ago showing up on my doorstep (July 31st) and I spoke to her (but I did not let her in) afterward I wished I had not even opened the door. She ironically has the same name as my sister (Becky) and they are still facebook friends (to my knowledge) although they don't know each other because they are united in their bullying and trolling of me. (Pretty damn pathetic if you ask me) So happy to move away from that address so all the narcissists can't find me! lol

If it's anyone's business (It's not actually). The feeling was MUTUAL! He LEFT first in Feb 2014 and came back to the house and slept in a different room I moved out because he wanted the big house (and I could not afford it anyways) I moved out in 2016 in 2018 we were finally divorced. End of story!

A NOTE HERE ON FORGIVENESS & RECONCILIATION: FORGIVENESS DOES NOT EQUAL RECONCILIATION. You can forgive someone and NOT reconcile with them: This would be the case with my ex (Not saying I have forgiven him: I honestly haven't yet) I do NOT want to reconcile with him. BUT MY CHILDREN: I can forgive and I WANT to reconcile with them and TBH this would help me greatly in forgiving their father. I feel at this time, they don't seem to be ready to forgive me AND THAT'S FINE. I'm willing to wait and I hope someday they will be ready to. It was said by my peace seeking child for me to talk to them but I have attempted this many times and they are unwilling, so I feel there's nothing left for me to do but wait as Tom Petty once said, "It's the hardest part" .

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