Saturday, October 31, 2020

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video)

Every Halloween I reminisce about that last Halloween at my parents house when I had got this album (probably for my birthday) and I played it as I answered the door for trick or treaters. There were a ton of kids in our neighborhood in Boca Raton. I made a killing babysitting. I was going out with my now ex and we often watched MTV and they played this alot and I'm sure that's what sold me the album. Whatever your thoughts on MJ, This will always be a classic! BTW My parents decided to move to Austin, Texas at the end of that year Glad was a tiny baby then! 1984! I went with them and worked for 6 months. I had two retail jobs! PLUS BABYSITTING as a side hustle! Imagine that?! Not surprising as I've been a very hard worker my whole adult life! I saved up money to go back to Boca in 1985 married BS in 1986  and the rest, as they say IS HISTORY. Because my five kids were a result of all this. I HAVE NO REGRETS. 

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