Thursday, June 26, 2014

Me reciting my poem, "The Storm"

 From my post Video Bible Study: Storms Part 2

Like the appearance of a rainbow in a cloud on a rainy day, so was the appearance of the brightness all around it. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. Ezekiel 1:28

This poem is in: "The Seven Story Tree; A book of Poetry"

The Storm

You say no one cares for you
Well that's not true 'cause I do
And God does too!
Oh that I could fix your problem
I'd mend you up-
You'd no longer be stuck
In that addiction or depression-
The trials that come in rapid succession.
But what can I do?
I cannot fix you!
I can't make you believe.
I can't even relieve
That deep ache in your heart
Just where do I start?
Don't do nothing! She yelled at me...
So what shall I do?
Scream and shout? And run about?
Perhaps sit and pout?
I'll fight a war upon my knees
In quietness and confidence shall be my strength,
He keeps my prayers and my tears
Perhaps the overflow makes the rain?
To water all the pain upon the earth,
I'll thank Him for this thorn,
I'll praise Him even when I'm worn,
Because He carries me through the storm.
Yes He walks to me on the tempest sea,
The rain brings life back to my dying tree-
And one day through the clouds I'll see
The rainbow...

Me reciting my poem, "What Elephant?"

This poem is in my post, One Thing: Why I Hate/Love Men

What Elephant?

Was there ever an elephant in your room?
When it moved it went boom,
You tried to deny it,
But you couldn't hide it,
Where can you hide an elephant?
Oh no that's a cat,
You'd try to say,
Or maybe a bat, it'll fly away....
If you can't admit it,
There's no way to quit it,
Go ahead face it!
Can you trace it?
Could the truth set you free?
Or will "they" all laugh at me?
Who are "they" anyways?
And why do we care if they laugh?
They have a hyena in their room,
That's so much worse than just an elephant!
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time,
One day, two day, three...
Day by day these things I pray...
I have a Higher Power Who created elephants,
Maybe He can take care of it?
I wonder what He'll do?
Will He take it to the Zoo?
What!? People will come from miles around,
To see the greatest show in town?
The elephant, he now does tricks,
And people pay to get their kicks?!
God can take your ashes and give you beauty,
You thought you had to sacrifice,
Everyone must pay their price,
If I give Him the elephant he'll die
But the Ring Master doesn't work that way,
The elephant will live another day,
He'll sing and dance,
Because he got another chance,
The Circus is a place of joy and wonder,
Because the Ring Master has a plan,
Trust the elephant in His hands!

I almost titled this poem, "My Life is a Circus" but that spoiled the ending. lol

This poem and others are in my first book, "The Seven Story Tree; A book of Poetry"

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Me reciting my poem "The Haunting"

This poem was inspired by the classic devotional by Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost For His Highest" Oswald asks the piercing question, "What are you haunted by?" and states that we should be haunted by God. Also inspired by Psalm 139.

 From my post on Dreams Part I: Sowing and Reaping
The Haunting

I could just run away,
Try to live my way another day,
But what would be the use?
Wasted time, a wasted life,
But then again,
I could give it all to Him
And He transforms it,
If I turn to the left or to the right,
You're half way there
Or perhaps not quite
I hear Him all the time,
I open my eyes
And He lights up the sky,
In a song I see Him
In a tree He's there
What is this love?
He has for me?
Wherever I go
To a movie or a show,
There isn't a thought He doesn't know,
He is the great I Am,
And yet He is my friend?
It's too wonderful to comprehend,
He'll always be there 'til the end,
When we've been there ten thousand years,
His voice will echo in my ears,
Still His praises I will sing,
Always and forever He is my KING!

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