Friday, March 25, 2011

William Barclay on the Bible

A short post- just a great quote- for a busy busy month. Ian, Claire, Lydia and Bob are playing soccer and Bob coaches Lydia's team.
I still have to find time for Bible reading- devotions- and prayer because I've learned that it is ESSENTIAL if I even hope to be successful at this "Christian" thing, I can't do it on my own! I gotta have God! I gotta have His word! I gotta pray to be filled up with His Holy Spirit! I still mess up...frequently, just yesterday, last week.....etc. But I'm pressing on and improving which gives me hope!

I was reading this morning in William Barclay’s “Daily Celebration”; “The Book Which Leads To Truth….It is only in the Bible that truth is clearly revealed and clearly seen….The Bible gives us the true view of man….There is no book so realistic as the Bible….the Bible clearly sees man’s high destiny and man’s sad failure; and then the Bible goes on to say that the cure for the situation lies alone in Jesus Christ….The Bible gives us the true view of the world…In parable after parable Jesus shows us the world as the testing ground for eternity….The Bible gives us the true view of God….There was a time when men were terrified of God. But then there came Jesus Christ to say, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” (John14:9); and men saw that above and beyond all else God is the lover of the souls of men.
Any thinking man is bound to ask three questions: Who am I? What kind of world is this in which I live? Who and what is the power behind the changing scene of things?
If a man will turn to the Bible, he will find these basic questions answered – and answered above all in Jesus Christ.”

I decided to add this poem I wrote to this post:

God Bless this Pile of Books

God bless this pile of books dear Lord,
Of the writing of books there is no end,
I have books on child rearing, marriage, history,
Some fiction I have is pretty gory,
Someone said I should read more holy books,
But I haven’t finished my story,
There are books that tell me how to cook,
How to clean and declutter my little nook,
Books to tell me how to diet,
“Here’s a new one, you should try it.”
I tried to sort them out and then,
The kitty jumps up,
And they all fall down again!
Once I piled them up abit,
On my clock radio just to sit,
The strain was just too much for it!
Stanley, Joni, Joyce and Chuck,
I want to read them all,
But they’ve written way too much!
Then there’s the ones who have gone on,
Peter, Catherine, Murray, Oswald, Tozer,
All their races have been won,
Surely they can teach me while I’m still here,
How to run my race with out fear,
So many books, so little time!
Much study is wearisome to the flesh,
But Solomon I love reading best!
Some day I’ll reach that heavenly library,
I’ll see my brother, Mark up there,
And we can read for all eternity,
Until then I’ll muddle through,
The Great Author will tell me what to do,
What should I read, Lord?
“The one on top” He answers me,
It’s still the best,
It still beats all the rest,
I can use it as my sword,
For it is Your (One and Only) Holy Word!
Seek after wisdom and you’ll find,
God will show you how to use your time!

But about going further [than the words given by one Shepherd], my son, be warned. Of making many books there is no end [so do not believe everything you read], and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Ecc. 12:12 (Amplified)