Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The Party: In memory of Joyce Alexis Hewitt June 27, 1952-January 9, 2021

More than just a sister-in-law she was a great friend. Rest In Peace Joyce You are so loved!
January 8, 2021 She woke about 11:15 pm and said she was going to a party. She went to the bathroom on her potty chair. She asked me if I was going, so I said “later”. She said she saw Drew Barrymore. I asked who all was going to this party. First she said, “Two people”. Then she said “four”. She said Darrell and Sheryl were going. I asked her if I was invited, she said, “yes”. She asked, “What time are they coming?” because I said they would pick her up (because she kept trying to get out of bed). Then she said, “I need to put on my make-up” “Go get me my make-up and my wig” I make her promise not to move and I got her wig, make-up and a mirror. We put on the wig and she was applying the make-up herself when I got her oxygen hose which had come off again. She said, “ What? This? I thought I was dead already.” A single tear rolled down her cheek and she put the make-up down. I gave her her medicines and I told her, “It will happen when we’re all ready” Then she took the ring off her right hand and said, “Put this ring in a special place” I said, “Okay. And what about the other ring?” and she said, “Give this to Jody” I read to her more from the Bible and we prayed. She also said, “Look at the beautiful roses!” I reminded her they were from Darren and that the flower bear was from Jon and she grabbed him to put on the bed beside her. She was also exercising in the bed! Lifting one leg and the the other! I said to myself, “This may take awhile.” When we’re all ready! Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. PS The mistake in my story- which btw I wrote a few hours after it happened at about 3:00 am .........where she said "are you going?" (I meant to the Party) and it sounded like was I going to use the potty chair. I am leaving in there because we had joked about me using the potty chair! lol The mistake was unintentional though (to me).