Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Why I’m Thankful for Rats #mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention (November 30, 2020)

So I was very very depressed before Glad and her pit bull, Blue moved in my house. (September 2019) I had stopped doing Airbnb but still could not find a "regular" job. Also I wasn't in contact with most of my children because our relationships were so strained. (And three of them lived right near me) Then I found out there were rats next to my dishwasher (inside of the cabinet) and they had babies! The exterminators would NOT pull out my dishwasher! I hope they regret that decision because of it I eventually fired them! They were successful at finding out where they came in though and closed off those places and we sawed off tree limbs so they couldn't enter on the roof which was one way they were but then: They were trapped in my house! And I got them with the plastic type trap from the exterminators and the old fashioned messy type which are 2$ at Walmart! (Wood and wire). I also had a safe (in case animals kill it after they eat it because I was going to get a cat!) rat poison but I'm not sure if that helped or not. Thankfully when I was suicidal I DID NOT KNOW the rats were there (as they probably were already) Blue (Glads dog) discovered them, he kept sniffing by the dishwasher and opening up the cupboard door by it! So I am also so THANKFUL that Gladys and Blue were there for moral support when I found out!

When this video from Lauren Daigle premiered I was in the pit and I felt someone heard me whisper, "I have nothing left" Rescue I suppose that's why I am an Agnostic NOT and Atheist because that was the only thing I had left: my belief in a Higher Power who it seemed "heard my SOS" I signed up for Betterhelp online counseling but later found it for free at my local health dept in Georgia.

I made it to Cally! (December 12, 2020)

I'm at Carpenteria State Beach

My walk to the Beach

Putting my toes in the water (Online dating!?)

A fun drive through the hills by the beach to Lake Casitas, California