Friday, April 21, 2017

Surfing Lessons

When your fear is currency
And you feel that urgency
You want peace but there's war in your head
Maybe that's where life is born
When our fa├žades are torn
Pain gives birth to the promise ahead

Switchfoot, "I Won't Let You Go"

My poems and my blog are to encourage and for reminders to people, life lessons if you will and sometimes I need to read it again! Also my posts sometimes tend to be long winded, so here's an excerpt that was helpful to ME: From  "Cowards, Codependency and UnConditional Love" about SURFING LESSONS: 

I've been loving the band Switchfoot for awhile now but only just last year (2013)? I think, that I learned that they are from California like me AND that "Switchfoot" is a surfing term! Duh! I always said, "What an unusual name. What does it mean?"
In December 2013 I wrote a post about depression, suicide and cutting and in it I talked about our adventures in Boca Raton and trying to surf.  (Sea Monsters)

Well I took those pictures to Sparks (K-2nd graders- Awanas) last Sunday and also some pics from my last post.  In that post I tell the story of Peter walking on the water to Jesus. First I asked "Who likes to go to the beach?" Then I asked, "Who remembers which Disney Princess I am?" Because another time I told them how Disney's "The Little Mermaid" parallels the story of Jesus and redemption (and that my nickname was "Mermaid" in high school.) They yelled out, "Ariel!" Then I told them the story about the disciples in the boat- Alone! Then I said how when the weather was great (stormy) we DID NOT have Uncle Dave's surf board and on the next day we did and it was CALM AS A LAKE! LOL THEN I SAID JESUS ALLOWS "STORMS" IN OUR LIVES SO WE CAN LEARN HOW TO SURF. 

On the day we borrowed the surf board the ocean was calm as a lake! I guess I'll have to visit my fam in Cally and learn to surf there!

Here's a new poem for my next book of poetry, RED: Redeemed- Equipped- Delivered

He's my Keeper
He keeps me,
I look back and see,
Wow, he wanted me?
How'd I get outta that one?
There's a washin' in the rain,
There's a purpose in the pain,
If the waves never came,
How could I learn to surf,
Or swim?
I'd sink!
These trials produce patience
You'll be tenacious,
I'm making gold,
Something Beautiful
Full of Power, Peace, Patience
Joy, Jesus,
Justice will prevail
After all of your travail,
The joy of giving birth
You are the salt of the earth!

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Story

My old website is gone, so I decided to put some things from it here, starting with this revised version of my testimony:
My name is Susan Story. I was born October 13, 196? in the San Fernando Valley, California, the youngest in a family of seven.  We went to a Presbyterian Church where my parents were active members. I thought I was a Christian because I went to Church and I believed in Jesus.
My dad worked for IBM and in 1979 they moved us to Boca Raton, Florida. My husband-to-be’s family was transferred from New York to Boca in 1978. His father also worked for IBM. In Boca, our family began going to Spanish River Presbyterian Church.  This is a daughter Church of  D. James Kennedy’s Church in Ft. Lauderdale.  This is where I began to learn about Christ.  I began going to Sunday School and a friend there invited me to the youth group. 

In my senior year of high school (83-84) I befriended a new girl who was involved in the World Wide Church of God or Armstrongism.  This church has changed since then and is no longer technically classified as a cult.  At that time however, this church taught that you should follow all the Levitical Law in the Old Testament much like Orthodox Judaism. So my friend and I would talk  about God and the Bible and how her church’s beliefs were different from my church’s. I started reading the Bible constantly. I visited her church a couple times and was reading all their pamphlets too. Also in my tumultuous senior year I began dating my neighbor and future husband, Bob. We constantly struggled with going too far in our physical relationship and my grades suffered. But all these experiences did make me realize I was a sinner and I surrendered my life to Christ and was born again. That was May of 1984. The things I went through as a teen make me able to empathize/relate to the problems teen girls face. I remember getting on my knees and asking God if  I should continue going to this strange church. So God lead me out of that church and I continued to go to Spanish  River Presbyterian. Bob and I were married there in 1986. We had our oldest child in 1987. Bob was hired (as an engineer) by the Warner Robins Air force Base in 1988. Since we've had four more children. We homeschooled from 1994-2003. I've been a stay-at-home mom and house-wife all through the years, also volunteering at church and my children's schools.     

Unfortunately, my husband and I are separated (Since 2014) and going to eventually divorce. I moved out of our large house in August of 2016. Our youngest is 16 and currently living with her dad in the big house. I live in our smaller house we had previously rented out.

I never thought this would happen to us but God is still at work in my life. I am writing poetry and blogging still (obviously;) I have a book of poetry that came out in 2015, The Seven Story Tree I have a children's book out now called, "What Elephant?" (Which will also be a song!) Also my second book of poetry, "RED: Redeemed-Equipped-Delivered" should be out soon and my first Bible study book on Faith in my "The Seven Story House" Bible study series. I was working with a ministry to those who have been sex trafficked called "Out of Darkness" for a short period. I would love to get a ministry job. I am now running an Airbnb (renting out rooms in my home-daily/weekly).

Check out my website: "Redheaded Writing Hood"

I'm on YouTube also!

Where then is my hope?
As for my hope, who can see it? Job 17:15

The Vision
It's in the morning sun, rising
It's in the green grass, thriving
In the mocking bird's song
Yes the days are long and lonely
But hope is rising
Sunday is coming
God is so loving
He's patient while I have my angry fit
God! I yell, No one gives a crap about me!
He says to me, You can be pitiful, Susan
Or POWERFUL it's your choice
I have a wise mentor
Her name is Joyce (Meyer)
She teaches me to be careful what I do
And think and say,
I must read the Bible everyday
There's LIFE in the Word!
Satan's only here to kill, steal and destroy
Yeah he wants to find you a boy toy
He'll ruin your life!
Fill it with strife
He's destroyed so many
He's an expert at deceit, temptation and defamation
Don't be ignorant of his devices
Or he will keep you in crisis
But the just shall live by faith
Trust God He'll make you better
Listen to Satan you'll be bitter
He wants you to be a quitter
But God says, Press on!
It won't be long!
For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
But at the end it shall speak and not lie.
Though it tarry,
wait for it,
because it will surely come;
and will not tarry.

From my next book of poetry, "RED: Redeemed-Equipped-Delivered" Look for it to be out hopefully in 2018!