Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Me saying my "Ginger Me" poem

What my cousin actually said was, "My red hair gives me super powers!" I replied, "With great power comes great responsibility" lol And after I said this poem at "Poetic Peace" I got a free drink ;-) Non-alcoholic, of course!

Ginger Me
Blonds have all the fun
They're the 'lucky ones'
Gentlemen prefer them
It seems bad boys prefer me.
Perhaps a different shade of dye is worth a try?
But my cuz says her red hair makes her fly
They look at her, they look at me
If he's a male-
We'll get it for free.
She's got sass
She's got spunk
She knows God don't make junk.
They call me "Red"
A "firecracker" they said
I no longer care what "they" say
What's in my heart can't be taken away
Some day my hair will fade
And I'll let it stay gray
Or go white as gingers do
Beauty is vain
But the fire in my heart will burn on and on
To my King I'll sing this song:
His love is deeper than the ocean
He washes away my brokenness
He whispers to my heart
His love for me will never part!

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